Master’s Degree Programme in Osteopathy
Master of Health Care, Osteopathy

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  • Application on the Basis of Metropolia’s Open UAS Studies (application period 1 May - 31 October) 01.05.2024 - 31.10.2024
Master of Health Care, Osteopathy
1.5 years
Mode of studies
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Why Study a Master´s Degree in Osteopathy with Us?

This Master´s Degree Programme is designed to provide a springboard for osteopaths in gaining the skills needed to engage in the fields of research, education, business development and societal or political engagement, depending on their own specific interests. The course aims to create a fulfilling path for osteopaths to expand, and develop their own synthesis of the contemporary osteopathic topics. This will contribute to developing a stronger professional identity, and raise awareness of osteopathic healthcare within society.

This Master’s Degree Programme in osteopathy is the first of a kind in the Nordic countries designed for osteopaths, who wish to enhance their professional skills, and collaborate with other healthcare practitioners in order to raise the quality and awareness for osteopathic care.

Together we will be shaping the future of osteopathy.

What Will You Study?

The programme will focus on the following:

  • Clinical aspect: exploring explanations for osteopathic treatment effects within an evidence informed and critical thinking perspective, and advanced practitioner skills
  • Research aspect: building a constructive forum for open inquiry, discussion and development through expanding knowledge on research methods and skills and creating a master’s thesis
  • Service and management aspect: developing an integrated, safe, person-centred approach to osteopathic service as a whole including skills in leadership, management and service design

At a time when person-centred health care is a central tenet of modern day health management, it is important that the osteopathic profession takes its place in contributing in an active and positive manner. The master's programme is designed to enable, support and engage osteopaths in navigating and applying this important movement within health care. This programme recognises and addresses the key competences required by the contemporary osteopath who wants to work within an integrative health care system.

This Master’s Degree Programme in Osteopathy collaborates with the Master’s Degree Programme in Health Business Management. This multidisciplinary approach is a core aspect of the programme. This collaboration encourages and supports communication between healthcare professionals, therefore, raising awareness of osteopathic practice across healthcare in general.

The collaboration is further supported by embedding an evidence informed practice approach throughout the programme. The rationale here is that there is a necessity for the osteopathic profession to reflect upon its theoretical models, and integrate the most recent and relevant research.

In order to meet these goals the programme aims is to build a constructive forum for open inquiry, discussion, and development of novel theoretical constructs. Students will be encouraged to explore, and critically reflect, on explanations for osteopathic treatment effects within an evidence informed perspective. It is expected that students will draw upon evidence from other disciplines.

From the beginning of the programme there is a strong emphasis on developing good competence in research and development. These competences are supported throughout and culminate in a Master's Thesis. This significant piece of work is focused on the interests of the students and is very rewarding part of the programme.

See Curriculum of Master's programme in Osteopathy

How Will You Study?

The programme is designed to be a distance learning experience, which will include a combination of lectures and collaborative learning online.

Scholarships and tuition fees

Annual tuition fee

  • 12 000 for those, whose right of study starts before 1 August 2024
  • 12 500 € for those, whose right of study starts after 31 July 2024.

This fee applies only to non-EU/EEA degree students.

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What is it like to study osteopathy master's degree?

Hakim tells about studying Master's degree in Osteopathy.

Who Can Apply?

The programme is designed for practicing osteopaths with at least two years of work experience. To find more about the prerequisites for this programme go to the national application site The tab Application Process and under Student admission to study programme and Eligibility you will find the necessary information regarding the pre-requisites to enter this programme.

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  • Application period
    1.5.2024 at 08:00 - 31.10.2024 at 15:00
    Start of studies
    autumn 2024
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    • Health Care and Social Services

    The Application on the Basis of Metropolia’s Open UAS Studies is aimed at those who have completed open UAS studies at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Studies are considered to be Metropolia's if they are entered in the Metropolia's study register, and open studies if they have not been completed with the right to study for the degree-leading education.

    Application period: 1 May 2024 8:00 am - 31 October 2024, all times refer to local time in Finland

    Application instructions: published at

More information

For more information on the application process please contact

Metropolia's Student and Admission Services:
+358 40 712 5100
admissions [at] (admissions[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

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