Courses for
Exchange Students

Incoming exchange students can choose courses from the wide variety of courses taught or guided in English listed on this page.

What You Need to Know When Selecting Courses

  • The course lists are subject to change throughout the academic year.
  • You may only choose courses from the degree programmes that your programme at the home institution has an exchange agreement with.
  • It is not possible to mix courses from different fields of study or degree programmes.
  • All courses have a limited number of places available. Some might get full during the enrolment period.
  • Remember to also check the courses available for all incoming exchange students.
  • In most cases course schedules are confirmed at the beginning of each semester. 

Studies for all exchange students

Language courses

Finnish Language Courses

Exchange students studying at Metropolia can familiarise themselves with Finnish language and culture by taking the course Finnish for Exchange Students (3-5 ECTS). The course is offered free of charge for exchange students. Several Finnish courses are organised on different campuses each semester.

Spring semester 2019: 

  • Finnish for exchange students XXXAB02-3044, 3 ects
    • 14.1.-1.4. at 16.30-18.45 at Arabia campus (Hämeentie 161)
  • Finnish for exchange students XXXAB02-3043, 3 ects
    • 14.1.-17.3. at Leppävaara campus
  • Finnish for exchange students XX00CL91-3008, 5 ects (only for students of Health care and Social services)
    • 23.1.-24.5. at Vanha Viertotie campus

Autumn semester 2018:

  • Finnish for exchange students XX00CL91-3007, 3 ects
    • 22.8.-9.10. at 12.30-15.30 at Bulevardi campus
  • Finnish for exchange students XXXAB02-3041, 3 ects
    • 11.9.-4.12. at 16.30-18.45 at Bulevardi campus
  • Finnish for exchange students, XXXAB02-3042, 3 ects 
    • 30.8.-14.12. at 14.00-15.45 at Leppävaara campus
  • Finnish for exchange students,  XXXAB02-3040, 3 ects
    • time to be confirmed, at Myyrmäki campus
  • Finnish for Foreigners, LX00DC60-3002, 5 ects (NOTE! this course is primarily for Business school students, but students from other fields can also participate if there are places left)
    • 27.8.-10.12. at 14-17 at Myyrmäki campus

Other language courses

  • TANDEM Deutsch-Finnisch (XX00AC19-3003), Myyrmäki campus, TBC
  • A selection of language courses (French, German, Spanish) are offered by the Metropolia Business School and organised at the Leiritie campus. Courses are available for exchange students if they have free places.

Study Tour to St. Petersburg (3 ECTS)

This 8-day/5-day study tour is organised twice a year (to be confirmed for academic year 2018-2019). The tour is designed to introduce the students to Russian business and academic culture. The detailed course information and instructions for enrolment will be announced in the intranet OMA at the beginning of each semester. 

Summer Schools

ICT Summer School

The ICT Summer School courses are available to all students from Metropolia's partner institution free of charge. All ICT Summer School courses are taught in English. Note that the courses are not limited only to ICT and some might be suitable also for students studying other subjects. See more on the ICT Summer School website.

Professional Summer School

Metropolia organises a Professional Summer School in each August jointly with two other universities of applied sciences of the Helsinki region, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The focus is on digital wellbeing and professional studies. See more on the Professional Summer School website.


Check first what you need to know when selecting courses.

Courses for Incoming Exchange Students

The following course list is available for exchange students from an institution the Business school has and exchange agreement with and who have been nominated to the Business school by their home institution.

Curricula and course information for incoming Double Degree students for the academic year 2018-2019


Check first what you need to know when selecting courses.

Courses for Incoming Exchange Students (course lists for spring 2019 will be updated by 15 September)

Health Care and Social Services

Check first what you need to know when selecting courses.

International Semester Programme 2018-2019

The degree programmes in health care and social services welcome exchange students to apply for the International Semester Programme. The International Semester Programme is offered in most degree programmes during autumn and spring semesters.

The International Semester programme (30 ects) includes:

Degree Programme in Elderly Care co-operates with the degree programme in Social Services. Incoming Exchange Students may select courses from Social services professional studies. 

Degree Programme in Osteopathy welcomes Students From partner universities and networks for International Week organized during spring semester.

Biomedical Laboratory Science, Emergency Care, Midwifery, Nursing, Oral Hygiene, Public Health Nursing, Radiography and Radiotherapy course offering coming soon


Check first what you need to know when selecting courses.

Courses for Incoming Exchange Students

Bachelor's Degree Programmes conducted in English:

  • Electronics, Myyrmäki unit/Vantaa: autumn 2018 / spring 2019
  • Sustainable Building Engineering, Myllypuro unit/Helsinki: spring 2019
  • Information Technology, Leppävaara unit/Espoo: autumn 2018 / spring 2019 (list being updated, confirmation for some courses pending)
    • Majors in:
      • Major in Software Engineering (autumn and spring)
      • Major in Smart Systems (autumn and spring)
      • Major in IoT and Cloud Computing (autumn and spring) (NOTE! Very limited number of places during spring 2019)
      • Major in Mobile Solutions (only 3rd year courses during autumn semester)
    • Minors in:
      • Minor in Media Technology (only in spring, to be confirmed)
      • Minor in Software Engineering (only in spring, to be confirmed)
      • Minor in Game Applications (only in spring, to be confirmed)
      • Minor in Mobile Solutions (only in spring, to be confirmed)
      • International Semester in Health Technology (only in spring, teaching at the Leppävaara unit)

International Semesters conducted in English:

Study opportunities for exchange students in Degree Programmes in Finnish

  • Automotive Engineering: Project in Metropolia Formula-team (10-30 ECTS), see more information. Students applying for a project in Metropolia Formula-team will be interviewed via Skype before acceptance.
  • Degree Programme in ICT, major in Health Technology: Innovation Project (10 ECTS, only in autumn)
  • Mechanical Engineering: Innovation Project (10 ECTS)

Exchange Student Intake

Please note that some degree programmes have limitations to the intake for incoming exchange students.

To avoid the risk of time-table clashes the incoming exchange students are recommended to take courses mainly from one degree programme. Please also note that certain courses are organised only if there are enough registrations for the course.

For International Semesters, it is only possible to choose the whole package of approximately 30 ECTS.

ICT Summer School

The ICT Summer School mentioned in the above section Studies for all exchange students is particularly suitable for students in technology programmes. It is held in August and is open to exchange students from partner institutions free of charge. See more on the ICT Summer School website.


Incoming exchange students are advised to primarily choose courses from the field of technology degree programmes where tuition is organised in English. Project opportunities are available only in a few programmes.

If you are interested in a project, please indicate it clearly in your application. Include your CV in the application and propose a topic or a theme for the project. The international coordinators will contact you on whether the project is possible.