Metropolia's guidelines concerning coronavirus

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Metropolia's brand in brief

Our basic message is to be an energizing partner. We are an innovator and a leader: We inspire, create something new and develop society together with partners with an encouraging and challenging mindset. We are an open community that is easy to approach: Despite our large size, we are an open and people-oriented community. We understand the diversity and constant movement of a metropolitan area and the changing needs of different communities and individuals. We act ethically and morally responsibly. We have financial and environmental responsibility. We achieve results that are relevant to the individual and for the society.

See Metropolia's visual guidelines

The visual guidelines show how Metropolia University of Applied Sciences' visual line must be followed in both outer marketing and information as well as internal communications. The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure the realization of visual identity in all communication materials produced by Metropolia. The guidelines cover key decisions and policies related to the corporate image and logo.

Objectives and application

This guide can be used to produce material for Metropolia's communication needs. The guidelines serve as a manual for visual design and production and should always be used when making color, image and typographic choices.

Metropolian logo.

Read the guidelines for use of the Metropolia logo and download the logo from the logo bank


Read Metropolia's typography guidelines


Read Metropolia's color guidelines


Read Metropolia's image guidelines

Tone of voice

We are an energizing partner. This promise is reflected in all our actions and in the way Metropolia's people communicate; in speeches, gestures and text. Our promise is that we will be easy and straightforward to approach. Our way of speaking is informal, empathetic and encouraging, while being honest and clear. We express ourselves in an understandable and clear way, and we do not hide our message behind professional language. We communicate openly and vividly, inspiring more and more people, communities and businesses to work with us.

Closeness to people, courage and the joy of insight also distinguish us in communication from many other actors in the field. We are proud of our expertise and make it visible in our way of speech. We are particularly proud that our expertise benefits students, customers, stakeholders and society.

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