Metropolia's Brand and Visual Guidelines

Metropolia's "making a difference" brand

We all need people who can make a difference: We deal with a wide variety of challenges every day. For some of us, they revolve around more humane care for the elderly, while for others they’re about tackling the profitability issues of a company with data automation, reducing traffic emissions, or developing more sustainable clothing to replace fast fashion. Whether our aim is to make everyday life easier or curb the climate crisis, we need fresh approaches, new ideas and innovations and brave experimentation. At Metropolia, we want to be the platform for all these.

Multidisciplinary thinking and brave experimentation enable us to make a difference: We focus on multidisciplinary thinking, which looks at phenomena from different angles. Our higher education for making a difference combines the strengths of today and tomorrow’s experts in culture, business, healthcare, social sciences, and technology. To enable even faster emergence of new solutions, we move swiftly from revolutionary ideas to experimentation. Our campuses offer modern facilities for students, companies, and anyone else eager to pilot and pioneer new initiatives.

Closely connected to working life: We want to ensure that the skills and knowledge built at Metropolia can truly take off. That’s why our learning, research, development, and innovation are always closely connected to working life. We also welcome the involvement of local people and organisations. We are Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area where business thrives – so we’re physically connected to working life, too – and working life is connected to us, a hub of continuous learning.

Slogan: Make a difference with us.

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The visual guidelines show how Metropolia University of Applied Sciences' visual line must be followed in both outer marketing and information as well as internal communications. The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure the realization of visual identity in all communication materials produced by Metropolia. The guidelines cover key decisions and policies related to the corporate image and logo.

Objectives and application

This guide can be used to produce material for Metropolia's communication needs. The guidelines serve as a manual for visual design and production and should always be used when making color, image and typographic choices.

Metropolia orange grey logo.

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