Spring 2022

All applicants in Creativity and Arts in Social and Health Fields (CRASH) degree programme are expected to prepare and return a pre-assignment based on the instructions below. The pre-assignment is assessed (0-20 points) and the points are added to those gained during the entrance exam day (0-80 points, adding up to maximum of 100 points in total). The applicants are invited to the entrance exam only, if they meet all eligibility requirements (i.e. required background education and work experience) and gain 10 points or more for their pre-assignment.  

In the pre-assignment the applicants are invited to introduce themselves and their thinking on how social and health field contexts could benefit from creativity and arts. Please follow carefully the instructions, as failing to do so also means a failed pre-assignment.  

The pre-assignment consists of two elements: 

1) APPLICANT. The aim is to create a fruitful and supportive student group of professionals in CRASH, where diverse approaches and fields of work are represented.   

As part of the pre-assignment, you are expected to describe in a concise and concrete way: 

  • What CRASH degree programme related education, work experience and competences do you have? 
  • What areas of using creativity and arts in social and health fields interest you in particular? 

2) DEVELOPMENT IDEA. Your studies in CRASH include a development project and thesis, which boldly develops working life practices. The applicants are requested to think in advance, from the point of view of their own professional experience, what area of development they would like to focus on during their studies in CRASH. The development idea doesn’t need to be fully finalized. It’s good to allow for flexibility, because in the beginning of studies, the aim is to form pairs or small groups for student projects, where multidisciplinary exchange of ideas and learning are possible. The idea presented in the pre-assignment can serve as the basis of the students’ Masters’ Thesis, or it can be modified as the studies progress.  

As part of the pre-assignment, you are expected to describe in a concise and concrete way: 

  • What health and well-being related needs have you noticed which you believe would benefit from creative and arts-based methods of working? What related changes would you like to see in the working practices of professionals today?  
  • What area do you tentatively think you would like to develop in your project or thesis? 
  • Do you already have some potential collaboration partners in mind for these development processes? 

The pre-assignment is written in English, it has the maximum of 6000 characters (approx. 2 pages of A4). Visual elements are allowed but not necessary. The pre-assignment must be attached to your application at studyinfo.fi in PDF format by the end of the application period. Name the document: last name_first name_pre-assignment.pdf 

The pre-assignment is used to assess the following: 

  • Motivation of the applicant towards developing working life practices making use of creativity and arts in the social and health fields 
  • Relevance and currentness of and argumentation for their development idea  
  • Suitability of the background education of the applicant*  

In the CRASH degree programme the pre-assignment will be used to determine which applicants are invited to the entrance exam as well as with whom an individual interview during the entrance exam days should be arranged. The applicants should prepare their pre-assignment independently in order to present their own thinking and skills. For example, with regards to language skills, English will be assessed only during the entrance exam and therefore it isn’t necessary to produce faultless English in the pre-assignment.

* Metropolia is entitled to grant only the following diplomas for CRASH graduates and therefore the educational background of the applicant should have a clear connection with them. 

Master of Culture and Arts, which in Finnish translates into one of the following: 

  • Konservaattori (ylempi AMK)  
  • Kulttuurituottaja (ylempi AMK) 
  • Medianomi (ylempi AMK) 
  • Muotoilija (ylempi AMK) 
  • Muusikko (ylempi AMK) 
  • Musiikkipedagogi (ylempi AMK) 
  • Vestonomi (ylempi AMK) 

Master of Social Services and/or Health Care, which in Finnish translates into one of the following: 

  • Apuvälineteknikko  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Bioanalyytikko  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Ensihoitaja (ylempi AMK) 
  • Fysioterapeutti  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Geronomi  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Jalkaterapeutti  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Kätilö  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Optometristi  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Osteopaatti  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Röntgenhoitaja  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Sairaanhoitaja  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Sosionomi  (ylempi AMK)  
  • Suuhygienisti  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Terveydenhoitaja  (ylempi AMK)   
  • Toimintaterapeutti (ylempi AMK) 

Upload your pre-assignment to your online application at Studyinfo by the end of the application period.