Spring 2022

The pre-assignment consists of two parts (part A and part B) and each part have to be passed. They are both graded. The assignments must to be written in English and you should preferably submit a single document consisting of parts A and B. Use either MS Word (doc, docx) or pdf format in your assignment, no images (scanned or produced in other ways).

  • PART A: The students selected to the degree programme need to have both academic knowledge and work experience in the field of engineering. Moreover, studies in the Master’s programme require that the student is capable of participating in the contact classes, working independently and also as a member in a group. In the autumn there will be two contact sessions per week: on Fridays (starting 9.00) and Saturdays (in autumn 2020 seven Saturdays). Therefore, high motivation and support from the employer are essential for the applicant.

    Write, then about yourself including:
    • both your educational and professional background
    • why you want to study on the Industrial Management programme
    • your motivation and capability to take part in the programme

    The length of part A should be roughly one A4. Please remember to add your name and a headline “Preliminary Assignment A” at the beginning of the text.
  • PART B: The Master’s thesis is an important part of the study programme. The topic should be relevant to your organization (or target group). Write an essay on a problem you consider a good potential preliminary topic for your Master’s thesis.

    In the essay you should:
    • identify the problem (and its relevance to the case organization)
    • describe the consequences of the identified problem to the case organization
    • tell what steps (in your opinion) have to be taken in order to solve the problem

    The length of part B should be roughly two A4s. Please remember to add your name and a headline “Preliminary Assignment B” at the beginning of the essay.

Be aware of ethics in preparing your pre-assignment. Do not use others’ ideas in your work as submitted pre-assignments may be subject to plagiarism control.

Upload your pre-assignment to your online application at Studyinfo by the end of the application period.

Note that if you are selected to the program, you may change your Master’s thesis topic, the topic introduced here is by no means binding.