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Spring 2021

Pre-assignment instructions

All applicants for the Master's degree program in Osteopathy are expected to prepare and return a pre-assignment based on the instructions below. The pre-assignment is assessed (0-20 points) and the points are added to those gained during the entrance exam day (0-60 points, adding up to maximum of 80 points in total). The applicants are invited to the entrance exam only, if they meet all eligibility requirements (i.e. required background education and work experience) and have returned their pre-assignment before due date.

The pre-assignment has two parts: Motivational letter PART 1 and Idea paper for Master’s thesis PART 2. 

Please use the following layout in both assignments:  font type Arial, font size 11, line spacing 1.5, left margin 4 cm, top margin 2.5 cm, bottom margin 3 cm and right margin 2 cm.
Answer both PART 1 and PART 2 and save them into a single pdf-file.  Name the file ”lastname_firstname.pdf” using your official name. Upload the pre-assignment to you application at Studyinfo by 20 January 2021 at 3 pm (local time in Finland).

  • PART 1 Motivational letter (max. 10 points)
    The maximum length of PART 1 is two pages. Write about yourself including:
    • Both your educational and professional background
    • Why you want to study on the program
    • Your motivation and capability to take part in the program
    • What your aspirations are: how would you like to utilize the degree after graduating
  • PART 2: Idea paper for Master’s thesis (max. 10 points)
    The maximum length of PART 2 is two pages of text plus references (on a separate page).
    Write an idea paper about a hypothetical Master’s thesis related to your future studies. In the analysis you should explain what you intend to do in the thesis, how and why. The analysis should contain:
    • Topic of the thesis and thesis description
    • Preliminary research question
    • Justification of the topic (for instance from the point of view of osteopathic profession, workplace development or clients) and focus of the thesis
    • Data and research methods
    • Link to previous research (use 3-5 written, scientific references linked to the thesis topic such as prior research papers, journals or scientific articles)