Welcome to study Nursing!

Dear student nurses,

Welcome to study the Degree Program in Nursing at Metropolia UAS!

We want to offer you the smoothest possible start to your studies and the opportunity for personal study planning right from the start of your studies. Therefore, please read this material carefully.

Your career coach will help you with all the questions that you have about the studies etc. Also the student tutors are here for you.

Before the start of studies:

  1. Activate your Metropolia user ID before the start of studies (possible from 1.8.2023)
  2. Fill in Study and career counselling questionnaire (possible until 6.8.2023).
  3. Get to know E-Services in Metropolia and download and install the Microsoft Pro Plus 365 software package for free before starting your studies (possible after activating your Metropolia user ID)
  4. Familiarize yourself with the new student's introductory material
  5. Familiarize yourself with your degree curriculum
  6. If you wish, take a virtual our around the Myllypuro campus!

Orientation days

The studies will start on 21st August 2023 at 10.00 am. Venue: Myllypuro Campus, Myllypurontie 1, 00920, Helsinki

The first days are orientation days, and it is very important to attend these classes. On your first day you will be directed to the correct classrooms.


The schedule for the entire first semester will be ready before the studies start. Be prepared to have full schedules throughout the semester, from Monday to Friday.

If you wish, you can check the term’s schedule in Metropolia’s Schedule Machine (Lukkarikone). Your group ID is SXN23S1A. Please note that some of the times might be subject to change.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

If you have already completed nursing education (Registered Nurse) in another country, please book an appointment with your career coach Anna O'Sullivan (Anna.OSullivan [at] metropolia.fi) prior to the beginning of studies.

It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the study guide and curriculum in case of recognition of prior learning.

Non-native Finnish speakers

It is useful for all non-native Finnish speakers to work on their Finnish skills because the clinical practices take place in Finnish language environments. Furthermore, learning Finnish opens more doors to local social networks and to Finnish culture.

Finnish courses for international students in Metropolia

In Metropolia UAS, you have the possibility to study Finnish during your studies. You can choose suitable courses depending on your Finnish language skills level.

  • Finnish 1 (A1.2), 5 cr
  • Finnish 2 (A1.3-A2.1), 5 cr
  • Finnish 3 (A2.1-A2.2), 5 cr
  • Finnish 4 (A2.2-B1.1), 5 cr
  • Let’s speak Finnish (A2-B1), 3 cr
  • Finnish for professionals 1 (B1), 5 cr
  • Finnish for professionals 2 (B1-B2), 5 cr

Language clinics

In addition to Finnish courses, you can get support for learning the professional language skills in two language clinics:

  • Basic level A1-A2: Hoitotyön S2-klinikka
  • Intermediate level B1-B2: S2-klinikka, sosiaali- ja terveysala

The scholarship and YKI test

Students, who come from outside EU/ETA-countries and have paid the tuition fee, have possibility to apply for the scholarship. Metropolia scholarship is awarded based on a national Finnish language level test (National Certificates of Language Proficiency, YKI). If you are entitled to the scholarship, you can get support for preparing for the YKI tests in Metropolia YKI courses. Before taking the basic level test (A1-A2), participate to following courses: Towards YKI 1 (A1), 2 cr and Towards YKI 2 (A2), 2 cr. Before taking the intermediate level test (B1), you can choose Towards YKI 3 (B1).

Find more information about tuition fees, scholarships and YKI tests here: Tuition fees and scholarships for non-EU/EEA students

Other Finnish courses in the capital region or online:

Search engine for the Finnish courses in the capital region
Adult Education Institutes in the capital region
Non-stop Finnish courses for more advanced students in Savonia

Free self-study courses on Internet for beginners:

Introductory Finnish - self study
Taste of Finnish
Koti Suomessa

We are looking forward to meeting you!

On behalf of faculty members and students in the Degree Programme in Nursing,

Nea Lehtimäki
Head of the Programme in Nursing education (English Programme)
Senior Lecturer
nea.lehtimaki [at] metropolia.fi
tel. +358 40 167 8228

Riikka Sorri
Guidance Counsellor
riikka.sorri [at] metropolia.fi
tel. +358 50 465 6631