Degree Programme in Social Services, group SXG22S1
Congratulations and welcome to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences!

The term will start at 10.00 am on Tuesday 23 August 2022 at Myllypuro campus (Myllypurontie 1, 00920 Helsinki), next to Myllypuro metro station.

Our tutor students will be welcoming you in the campus lobby from 10 am onwards and escort you to the classroom (MPA6017) where we will start at 10.30 am. The first day will end at 4 pm.

You will get a more detailed schedule of the autumn term during the first contact lessons.

If you wish, you can check this term’s schedule in Metropolia’s Schedule Machine (Lukkarikone). Your group ID is SXG22S1. Please note that some of the times might be subject to change.

Your first course will be Orientation to Studying.

Please have a card, such as a library card or travel card, where you can activate your access pass. Every student needs an access pass in order to move in the campus. NB. Do not take a card with a chip (e.g. a bank or credit card) due to information security reasons.

We look forward to seeing you in August!

Tiina Lehto-Lundén
Head of the Degree Programme
tiina.lehto-lunden [at]
tel.+ 358 40 641 8256

Paula Lindqvist
Student Advisor
paula.lindqvist [at]
tel. + 358 40 527 2824