Physiotherapy, Bachelor's Degree

A Physiotherapist's job is to promote and support the health of individuals and groups as well as their ability to exercise, function and work within the environment they live in.

Future Physiotherapists are also proficient in entrepreneurship, the marketing of their expertise and other skills related to the commercialisation of services.
The training of Physiotherapists at Metropolia belongs to the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Rehabilitation along with four other degree courses. This offers a unique opportunity for multidisciplinary cooperation during the studies.

The degree programme consists of 210 credit points and takes three and a half years to complete.

Career opportunities

Physiotherapists are state registered and they may work in hospitals, health centres, rehabilitation centres, research institutes, occupational healthcare, homes for the elderly, schools, recreational services and sports and disability organisations.

Regional collaboration

The Physiotherapist's degree programme has close links with workplaces in the Greater Helsinki area through projects, students´ assignments and clinical practice.

Positia, the welfare and human functioning service unit offers services and development activities carried out in connection with the studies.

International activities

The aim of the activities is to enhance international collaboration between students, teachers and clinicians and to harmonise physiotherapy education by Erasmus and other exchange programmes, intensive programmes and projects.

The degree programme in Physiotherapy has long tradition in international collaboration within WCPT (World Confederation for Physical Therapy) and NUF (Nordic Association for Physiotherapy Educators) The programme is also an active member of ENPHE (the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education and COHEHRE (Consortium of Higher Education within Health and Rehabilitation).

Contact information

Titta Komssi
Head of Degree Programme
Tel. +358 40 668 1565
titta.komssi [at] (titta[dot]komssi[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

Metropolia’s Innovation Projects

During their studies, students of Metropolia have to participate in one of Metropolia’s Innovation projects, which are cross-curriculum in nature and aimed at simulating real working life situations.

Minno is the place for you if you - student, teacher, associate or innovator - wish to contribute your idea, help with other ideas, announce that you wish to participate in future or ongoing projects or just browse through the completed projects to learn their lessons.