The Bachelor of Social Services is a professional in the social services sector who works with people of various ages in guidance and pedagogical settings and carries out the planning and organisation of services. The Bachelor of Social Services supports and develops, together with customers, activities that increase the resources of individuals and communities.

Those who complete the Degree Programme in Social Services graduate with the title 'Bachelor of Social Services'.

The degree programme offers

  • courses leading up to a Polytechnic Bachelor's Degree
  • courses leading up to a Polytechnic Master's Degree
  • further education in social services
  • specialisation studies
  • open polytechnic education in social services

Continuing education

Continuing education is organised with a consideration for the needs of professional life. The study period in continuing education leading up to a degree is shorter than normal, as it will be influenced by an earlier professional degree and/or work experience.

Contact information

Annakaisa Oksava
Head of Degree Programme
Tel. +358 40 656 9383
Annakaisa.Oksava [at]