Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor's Degree

The four-year Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering consists of 240 ECTS credits and students complete a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

The degree programme is divided into the following specialisation options: Machine Automation, Manufacturing and Production Engineering, and Machine Design Engineering.

Modern wellbeing relies heavily on the use of machinery and equipment. Mechanical engineering job prospects are good in Finland, because business is good and a great number of engineers will be retiring in the next few years. Mechanical engineering is based of high technology and expertise, which means that people working in the field are able to develop themselves and work in an interesting and ever-developing environment.

Degree Programme in Mechanical and Production Engineering offers Bachelor´s degree(duration of studies is four years).

Contact Information

Tmo Junell
Head of Degree Programme
Tel. +358 50 342 0648
timo.junell [at]