Metropolia Business Solutions is your reliable partner in education export.

We are dedicated to supporting global education programmes and to facilitate partnerships and student recruitment between international institutions, academies, schools and universities with Ministries of Education.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, educates the professionals of tomorrow in the fields of Business, Culture, Health Care and Social Services and Technology. Practicality, internationality and innovativeness are keywords at Metropolia UAS.

Our offering

Made-to-Order Undergraduate and Master’s Degree Programmes for student groups outside the EU/EEA countries.

We offer following Made-to-Order Degree Programmes in:

  • Electronics (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Environmental Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • European Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Information Technology (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • International Business and Logistics (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Nursing (Bachelor of Health Care)
  • Social Services (Bachelor of Social Services)
  • Sustainable Building Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Business Informatics (Master of Engineering / Master of Business Administration)
  • Health Business Management (Master of Engineering / Master of Health Care, Master of Social Services / Master of Business Administration)
  • Industrial Management (Master of Engineering)
  • Information Technology (Master of Engineering)
  • Logistics (Master of Engineering)

The buyer

The buyer of the educational programme may apply charges to the students participating in the made-to-order programme in accordance with either the legislation in the state where the buyer resides or their own practices.

The buyer of the educational programme may be the Finnish government, another government, an international organization, a Finnish or a foreign general government body, a trust, or a private association.

Metropolia UAS will not apply charges itself to the participating students, instead, the educational programme will be entirely funded by the buyer.


Based on the contract with the buyer.


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Metropolia UAS
Director, Business Solutions
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Aija Ahokas
Metropolia UAS
Manager, Education Export
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