Top-up Degree in Metropolia

We offer a possibility to a top-up degree, which is equivalent to the final year of an undergraduate degree. This option is aimed at students who have previously completed a related foundation level degree (Diploma or equivalent). It enables the student to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of a particular topic while also receiving an internationally-recognised Bachelor’s degree.

  • Biomedical Sciences (Bachelor of Health Care)
  • Electronics (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Environmental Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • European Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Information Technology (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • International Business and Logistics (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Nursing (Bachelor of Health Care)
  • Physiotherapy (Bachelor of Health Care)
  • Social Services (Bachelor of Social Services)
  • Sustainable Building Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Business Informatics (Master of Engineering / Master of Business Administration)
  • Health Business Management (Master of Engineering / Master of Health Care, Master of Social Services / Master of Business Administration)
  • Industrial Management (Master of Engineering)
  • Information Technology (Master of Engineering)
  • Logistics (Master of Engineering)

The buyer

The buyer of the educational programme may apply charges to the students participating in the made-to-order programme in accordance with either the legislation in the state where the buyer resides or their own practices.

The buyer of the educational programme may be the Finnish government, another government, an international organization, a Finnish or a foreign general government body, a trust, or a private association.

Metropolia UAS will not apply charges itself to the participating students, instead, the educational programme will be entirely funded by the buyer.


Based on the contract with the buyer.


Top-up degree model piloted with Sri Lankan International Institute of Health Sciences

Metropolia UAS has piloted the Top-up degree model with its Sri Lankan partner International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS). The first four Sri Lankan students with a made-to-order Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy graduated in May 2018 from Metropolia UAS. At Metropolia they completed a one-year made-to-order curriculum of 60 ECTS to achieve the Bachelor-level degree.

Read the whole article: The first Sri Lankan students with a made-to-order Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy graduated

Why Finland?

Finland is a Nordic country known for its clean nature - the thousands of lakes, islands and forests dot its landscape making it a nature lover’s paradise.

Finland is highly integrated in the global economy. The largest industries are electronics, machinery, vehicles and other engineered metal products, the forestry industry and chemicals.

The success of Finnish education is built on highly qualified teachers at all levels of education. Over the past years the Finnish education system and teacher education has gained international recognition through top placement in the PISA and PIAAC surveys.

Finland’s education and skills, along with its asset building and entrepreneurship, are the best in the world as reported by the inaugural Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2015 of the World Economic Forum.

Furthermore, Finland is the most innovative country in the world, according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 of the World Economic Forum.

Finland comes out top as the best country for working women and has the highest scores for women aged 25-64 when it comes to higher education according to the Global Gender Gap Report by The World Economic Forum.

ECTS Label 2013-2016. Awarded by the European Commission to Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu.