Spring 2022

This pre-assignment consists of two parts (PART 1 and PART 2) worth a maximum of 100 points in total. The maximum points per part are shown below. In order to be accepted to the programme a minimum of 40 points is required. You must answer all the questions.


You need to have both academic knowledge and work experience in the field of supply chain management and/or specifically procurement in order to be selected to the programme.

The Master’s Degree Programme in Procurement consists of 90 ECTS which equals 2430 hours of student’s study time. The studies are organized in a way that enables the student to complete the degree in 2 years while studying part time.

This programme relies on collaborative online learning. This mode of studying requires the ability to effectively manage schedules, take responsibility of one’s own learning and high level of motivation.

  1. Please add a copy of your identification document (e.g. passport) and your CV to the assignment. The CV should include both your educational and professional background. (The information given on the online application is for the purposes of verifying that the applicant meets the general eligibility requirements.)
  2. Why are you interested in receiving a Master of Business Administration Degree in Procurement? What kind of competencies do you want to develop and how are you going to utilize this education in your career?
  3. Create your personal study plan based on the curriculum (please find the curriculum online). Create a timeline and assess the realism of your study plan especially if you aim to advance your studies faster than recommended. Briefly explain what motivates you in your selection of business studies and elective studies. (This selection is not binding as you may change your selection later).
  4. Think about your priorities in life (work, family, hobbies, rest time, other factors). What do you need to compromise to find time for completing the demanding degree programme? What kind of support do you have available to enable these studies?


In the Master’s Degree Programme in Procurement the student writes the Master’s thesis on a development project. The project utilizes action research methodology. The Master’s thesis equals 30 ECTS (800 hours of student’s work). In the thesis process, the student plans and implements a development project, which aims to improve an aspect of a partner organization’s procurement function. The Master’s student is a change agent, an active champion for change in the organization. The partner organization, most often student’s own employer organization, acts as the development platform and learning environment throughout the studies, where the student applies the gained academic knowledge in a practical setting.

2.1. Description of the development project (max 30 points)

  • Describe your partner organization for the development project.
  • Describe the procurement related problem, which would suit as a thesis topic based on the suitability from a) organization’s perspective, b) your own perspective c) action research perspective.
  • What kind of professional literature (journal articles, academic books) would best support the implementation of the development project? Mention 5-10 sources and shortly describe the reasons for choosing each of them.
  • Who in the partner organization would decide of the implementation of such a project? Would they be interested in supporting your thesis plan?
  • What is your plan B in case there are circumstances that prevent you from going forward with this organization/case? How would you obtain a new partner and a case?

2.2. Research and development plan (max 40 points)

Create a research and development plan in which you describe how you would implement your development project in practice as an action researcher. Use literature on action research methodology as a source. Your answers should show that you have become familiar with the action research methodology.

  • What kind of background information do you need in order to understand the current state of procurement function in the organization and pinpoint the development need? What kind of research methods would you use in finding that out?
  • What type of project management and organizational development methods are you already familiar with that you could use in the project? What new methods would you need for the project?
  • What kind of concrete methods would you use to create change in the organization/supply base?  
  • What kind of financial, human and temporal resources would be needed in your project?
  • How would you measure the success or your project and the success of your thesis process?

Upload your pre-assignment to your online application at Studyinfo by the end of the application period. Please note that the development topic you introduce here is by no means binding, you may still change it if you are selected to join the programme.