Film and Television

The Degree Programme in Film and Television trains students for design, implementation, development and supervisor duties and for entrepreneurship. Students choose a specialisation from the following: image, sound, production, scriptwriting or TV and radio work.

Image and editing

In image studies, students learn more about cinematic storytelling, image expression, camera technique, lighting, editing and image post-processing.
The student will also learn about image design, working in a film crew and the post-production stages.


In sound studies, the student learns more about the use of sound in cinematic storytelling, sound expression, sound techniques and sound post-processing.


In production studies, students learn the skills required for project management of AV productions. This means that students learn about the planning, organization, financial management, regulations and contract practices in the field, and about interaction and leadership skills and working in an international environment.


Scriptwriting students learn to develop and compile AV media production manuscripts both independently and as a member of a writing team. In addition, students learn more about the scriptwriting process in AV media productions.

Television and radio work

The professional studies in television and radio work teach students about content production in television, radio and production companies. The training emphasizes journalistic skills, planning of audio-visual storytelling and expression, implementation and work process management.

Contact information

Mrs Auli Sillanpää
Head of Media
tel. +358 40 631 6374
auli.sillanpaa metropolia fi



Tuition in Finnish

Tuition in this degree programme is only in Finnish.

We have also six Bachelor's degree programmes and five Master's degree programmes conducted in English. Check the programmes and application instructions