Positia - Elderly Care Services by students

Active and meaningful life for the elderly

Eldercare students promote the wellbeing, operational capacity and social inclusion of old people. Their objective is to help old people get on with their daily lives safely in their own environment. Creative and rehabilitative methods are used.

Positia’s eldercare services off er many types of guidance in issues related to ageing. The students give guidance, provide counselling and training for seeking and using various social welfare, healthcare, rehabilitation and exercise services. The students may work with individual clients, with groups in Positia’s premises, the clients’ homes or various eldercare units.

The service is not yet available.

Older people are laughing and exercising while sitting on a chair.

Visiting address

Positia teaching clinic
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Vanha viertotie 23, 00350 Helsinki (Etelä-Haaga)
Busses: 14, 39, 45, 52, 550