Metropolia's English degree programs attract a record number of applicants - sincerest thanks to over 11,000 applicants!

19.1.2023 - 13:28

The joint application for the spring's first joint application ended on Wednesday, January 18, at 15:00. Sincerest thanks to all applicants!

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences' English-language degree offering attracted a record number of applicants this year. A total of 11,283 applicants applied to Metropolia, of which 2,533 were primary applicants. There are 538 starting places available for studies starting in the autumn of 2023. The number of applicants increased by approximately 140 percent from 2022, and the number of primary applicants increased by 107 percent. The number of applicants increased widely throughout Finland. Metropolia is perceived as an exciting study destination in the heart of the capital region Helsinki, as the number of applicants to Metropolia rose to a record level also in the 2022 joint application for international degree programs.

Finland's most extensive English degree program offering in Culture, Business, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology

As Finland's largest University of Applied Sciences, Metropolia offers one of Finland's most versatile English degree program offerings. In the spring's first joint application, 6 Bachelor's degrees and 14 Master's degrees were included in Culture, Business, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology. The number of applicants increased in all four fields of study at Metropolia.

International Business and Logistics gathered the most applicants, with 2,472 applicants for 40 study places. The Bachelor's degree, which combines logistics and business, was Metropolia's most attractive degree program this year, with more than 300 primary applicants. The degree's attraction rate increased by 250 percent compared to 2022. 991 applicants applied to the 50 starting places for the double degree program in European Business Administration. Interest in international business studies at Metropolia's Myyrmäki campus is on the rise as a whole, as the total number of applicants in Business on a Bachelor's level increased by 195 percent this year.

In Health Care and Social Services, two degree programs were included in this application round: Nursing and Social Services. A total of 1,343 applicants applied for the 35 study places in the Social Services degree program. 1,063 applied for the 28 study places in the Nursing degree program. The Health Care and Social Services field is studied at the Myllypuro campus, dedicated to the Builders of well-being.

In the field of Technology, Metropolia had two Bachelor's degrees in Information Technology and Electronics. The Information Technology degree program increased its total number of applicants by 368 percent, receiving 2,163 applicants, of which 592 were primary applicants. The Electronics degree program received a total of 653 applicants, of which 134 were primary applicants. There are 75 study places available in the Information Technology degree program and 30 in the Electronics degree program.

Master's degree programs attract professionals

The Master's degree programs have gained a solid foothold among professionals. The 2022 career tracking survey shows that working professionals benefit from the Master's degree, e.g., in career development and better salaries. In this year's joint application, Metropolia opened two new Master's degree programs taught in English: Computing in Construction and Development and Leadership in Nursing.

The most popular Master's degree program was Business Informatics with 668 applicants, of which 295 were primary applicants. There are 25 study places for the degree program available, and the attraction rate increased by 120 percent when looking at the primary applicants. Overall, the number of applicants for the Master's degree programs in the field of Business increased by 119 percent this year.

Master's degree programs in the field of Technology increased the number of applicants by 129 percent. The diverse scope of degree programs in Technology includes, e.g., Information Technology and Industrial Management. A total of 469 applicants applied for the 50 study places in the Information Technology Master's degree program, and 269 applicants sought the 35 study places in the Industrial Management degree program.

Increasing the number of international students following Finland's national goals

Riitta Konkola, President and CEO of Metropolia, is happy about the increase in the number of applicants for Metropolia's international degree programs:

"We have systematically developed Metropolia's English-language degree program offering, including online implementations, following Finland's national goals. As Finland's largest University of Applied Sciences, Metropolia is a trendsetter in the educational sector of Universities of Applied Sciences. This year's record number of applicants shows that the diverse and high-quality education generates interest both in Finland and worldwide," says Konkola.

The application process progresses to entrance exams, and studies begin in the fall of 2023

Student selections are made in the spring, and studies begin in the fall of 2023. More information about the entrance exam for Bachelor's degree programs can be found on the national UAS Info website. The entrance exam procedure for Master's degrees varies by degree program. Student selections will be announced according to the national schedule in Studyinfo 24.3.-31.3.2023 for Bachelor's degrees. For Master's degrees, depending on the selection method or the exam time, 28.4.-2.6.2023.

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