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Degree title
Master of Business Administration
Duration / Date(s)
2 years
Next application period:
  • 7 - 20 Jan 2021
Study places
Price / Tuition fee
Free of charge: Applicants from EU/EEA, Annual tuition fee: 11 000 € for non-EU/EEA applicants

Become an Expert in Digital Business Transformation

Business Informatics is a Master’s degree programme for business and engineering professionals who want to deepen their strategic and managerial skills via better use of business information systems.

The Programme equips participants to address the challenges of digitalization and digital transformation in business and work life. The student will become an analyzer and a competent user of business information for decision-making, business operations, and business development. The student will apply his/her knowledge in business modelling, will learn how to collect, interpret and analyze data, and craft answers to business critical questions. The students will also learn how to apply business development methods to drive business growth and innovation.

Enjoy a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Our students enjoy a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, tied-to-business environment and sharing expertise by the participants who are full-time working professionals. Classes take various forms. The courses are implemented via contact teaching, class discussions, team work, self-study, business simulations, workshops, seminars, and also sometimes online sessions. Students are instructed by staff and experts with business and academic experience.

The study group includes the students from two backgrounds studying together: from Business and Engineering. Business students will study toward a degree of Master of Business Administration (90 credits, for 2 years), while engineers will study toward a Master of Engineering degree (60 credits, for 1,5 year).  We take students with business and similar previous education to the Business stream; and engineering and technology previous education to the Engineering stream. Both streams study together, just make sure you apply correctly.

If you have an Engineering background see the content for Engineers.

Take Advantage of Close Ties with Work Life

Master's degree programme in Business Informatics (Master of Business Administration) will help to deepen your business skills in close ties with your work life. Your studies currently include

  • Advanced professional studies, 50 ECTS including:
    • Business Strategy and Management, 15 ECTS
    • Business Analysis and Development, 15 ECTS
    • Business Growth and Innovation, 20 ECTS
  • Elective studies, 10 ECTS
  • Master’s Thesis, 30 ECTS.

Thus, the Programme has a strong emphasis on sharpening general management skills for managers of technology-driven companies for the Digital age. Check the updated course descriptions from here.

Business Informatics, MBA

Graduate in Two Years

Master's degree programme in Business Informatics is organized to combine Master’s studies with a full-time job.  To become a Master of Business Administration, it will take you 2 years.

Contact sessions are arranged every 2nd Friday (from 9.00 to 16.15) and occasionally on other evenings. This year, an international study trip happens on 7-8 May, 2020 to Stuttgart (2-3 days).

Gain a New Expertise via a Master’s Project

You will plan and implement a Master’s thesis (an R&D project for a real company), typically your own place of work. A Master’s Thesis will combine your innovative development work with academic research (30 ECTS).

Research focus for Master's theses (final projects) in this Programme typically concentrate on: digital transformation, business transformation; use of data analytics and business information systems for business purposes; doing and modelling businesses for the digital age;  digitization and improvement of operations and internal organizational processes; digitization and improvement of customer experience, services and product designs, and channels; use of business intelligence and marketing research, and other related topics.

For completing a Master’s thesis, the students get support and guidance form the school in the form of

  • a practical, easy-to-follow 7-GATE approach to doing a Master’s thesis
  • starting from first weeks in the Programme, working in a guided Master’s thesis process
  • individual support from instructors; instruction on the R&D methods and problem-solving skills for excelling in your project
  • participants’ own education, motivation and hard work make the necessary element of success. 

Contact the Head of Degree Programme NOW about the study places.

Graduation speech (2019)
by Jonas Kronlund, Master of Business Administration in Business Informatics, at the Graduation Ceremony of Metropolia Business School on 18 June 2019.

Students' Stories

Salla Kuula, Master's of Business Administration 2019

Salla Kuula

Last Friday I ended one period in my life and finished my MBA studies in Business Informatics. It was no walk in the park with two small kids and a full-time job, but all in all it was definitely worth it.  I got to study with such a great group of people lead by really high-class teachers.  The greatest thing was the extra Umph it brought to my career.  I feel that it changed the way I look at things and gave a wider, strategic perspective to my work.  The most rewarding part was to write my Master’s Thesis about building a Data and Analytics Maturity Framework for my employer, Veho.  It gives me the means to guide Veho into an even more data-driven organization in up-coming years.  I am so excited to continue my professional journey with all this information and tools in my backpack.

Special thanks to my fellow students and teachers, especially Katja Kokko, Teo Tuomola, Raisa Varsta, Antti Hovi and the family supporting me along the way.

Salla's posts on Metropolia Masterminds blog

Katja Kokko, Master of Business Administration 2019

Katja Kokko

My impression is very positive about my studies in Business Informatics. I graduated in 2019, and before that I already was a Bachelor in Marketing from Metropolia Business School (2010). I do like marketing, but also responsible for other areas at work. My key concern is that all functions should work together.

In the Master’s Program in Business Informatics, many topics were directly relevant to my work, and I find my studies very rewarding. I would give 4,5 as my grade to the Program, since there is always room for improvement. Generally, I would say, it is a remarkable sign of the Program that highly experienced teachers, all coming from the industry, are mentoring students in a practical way.

In summary, I wanted to enjoy the studies, so I had a study leave (well planned in advance). For adult students such wonderful opportunities do not come often!  Also, every 2nd Friday is a great schedule. All students agreed, it is much better that the evening studies.

My next step is toward ‘Business development’, this is the application area for me. I aim to be a change agent in the organization. BI Program definitely benefited me.  I know my stuff, I can negotiated, I am able to take more responsibilities, and my confidence level has risen a lot. Thank to my instructors, I had enough gymnastics for my brain and sharpened the level of thinking. Thank you, Business Informatics!

Katja's posts on Metropolia Masterminds blog

Simon Ward, Master of Business Administration 2020

Simon Ward

I had previously studied my bachelor’s degree at Metropolia’s Business School and had graduated in 2014. I really enjoyed my studies then and was hungry for more. My situation had changed since my bachelor’s degree and I had found full time employment in Finland. The Business Informatics program gave the opportunity I was seeking to continue working, while studying towards a master’s degree.

The degree program is very relevant to working life, with courses that cover various aspects of business, such as strategic management, project management, marketing and applied business analytics. The lecturers are very supportive and help you to achieve your best. During these two years of studying at Metropolia, I have learnt many new skills including now being able and confident to use data analytics tools such as PowerBI. These new skills I can now utilise in working life. There is the great opportunity to work with students from various international backgrounds and professions. I look forward to keeping in contact with the new connections I have made.

Thank you to all the lecturers in the Business Informatics’ program for a great and well-designed degree program!

Sudhindra Bangalore Seetharam, Master of Business Administration 2020

Sudhindra Bangalore SeetharamI am glad I went back to school and chose to be a student at Metropolia. This University of Applied Sciences has an excellent ambience and truly is international. The professional students and faculty members are filled with enthusiasm and have always been of great support. The programme is advanced and touches on recent and relevant areas like digital marketing, integrative project management, business analytics. The programme structure encourages group work, healthy competition, and invokes interest in the subjects with intuitive classes. It gives freedom, yet brings in the discipline. Advisors are well qualified with rich working experience and bring in real case studies and success stories in every theory to make it easier to understand. Metropolia gives you a strong foundation to deal with practical business challenges.

In this journey, I have built several networks with incredibly talented people. My experiences, especially with my advisors, have been enlightening and are of great help in my management career. I would not be wrong saying that my teachers are my honoured friends today that I can always lean for professional and practical guidance. I gratefully thank them for being few of the best faculties I came across as a student. My biggest take-away was our study trip to Stuttgart that gave me a real feel of the transformation in Industry 4.0 and brought me close friendships with my fellow students.

Sudhindra's post on Metropolia Masterminds blog

Graduation speech (2020)
by Ilkka Kautto, Master of Business Administration in Business Informatics at the joint Graduation Ceremony of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences on June 18, 2020.
The Graduation Ceremony was streamed live on Metropolia´s YouTube-channel from Arabia Campus (Helsinki).