Degree Programme in Elderly Care

Elderly Care Professionals work as experts in care of old people in the multidisciplinary teams of the health care and social services sector, with the task of promoting the well-being, health, rehabilitation and social participation of the old people.

Objectives of the degree programme

The degree programme's training offers students the chance to develop into experts in Elderly Care with a command of both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The expertise of the Elderly Care Professional consists of the following competence areas:

  1. Gerontological competence
  2. Ethical awareness
  3. Competence in strengthening work with customers
  4. Social competence
  5. Knowledge of cultures and communities
  6. Working community competence
  7. Research and development competence.

The training offers the chance to adopt an evaluation and development based approach, which are needed to be able to develop the care of old people.

The profession and its tasks

The graduated Elderly Care Professionals hold various expert tasks with the health care and social services sector in outpatient and inpatient care, dependant care, care projects of old people and organisations and businesses. Elderly Care Professionals work in customer care with individuals or groups. They have the sufficient knowledge and skills to assess the well-being and health of the old person and their families and their ability to function. They give individual advice to their customers on the services that suit their needs, and lead care sessions with customer groups. The Elderly Care Professionals also work as developers, planners and coordinators of care projects for old people.

Contact information

Mari Heitto
Head of Degree Programme
Tel. +358 40 769 8714
mari.heitto metropolia fi

Degree Programme in Finnish

Degree Programme address and location in Myllypuro Campus

Tuition in Finnish

Tuition in this degree programme is only in Finnish.

We have also six Bachelor's degree programmes and five Master's degree programmes conducted in English. Check the programmes and application instructions


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