Degree Programme in Media

The Degree Programme in Media provides students with technical, artistic and production skills in different sectors of content production. The student will gain a broad professional education, combining solid professional expertise, all-round education and cultural understanding.

Consisting of 240 ECTS credits, Media studies take four years to complete and students receive the title of Bachelor of Culture and Arts.

Depending on the specialisation option, teaching takes place either in Helsinki Hämeentie 135 or Hämeentie 161. Tuition is in Finnish.

3D Animation and Visualisation

In 3D animation and visualisation studies the focus is on creating still images, animations, visual effects and real-time graphics using 3D tools. Courses on photography, 2D graphics, traditional art and visual design are also included in the 3D curriculum. The ability to work in 3D environments and the skills in visual storytelling are important in 3D studies.

The different phases in 3D graphics production such as 3D modeling, texturing, creating and rigging 3D characters, creating real-time 3D environments, rendering and compositing are taught making exercises in long and intensive courses that include a lot of teamwork. In many courses, for example in game projects, there are also students from other degree programmes participating in 3D production, simulating a real-life work environment.

After the 3D studies the students are able to work in many areas of visual production, such as in game industry, character animation, architectural and product visualisation, vfx industry, scientific visualisation and advertising.

Work done by 3D visualisation students can be viewed at Metropolia 3d game reel.

The Bachelor’s Degree in 3D Animation and Visualisation can be obtained through full-time study in the daytime.

3D Animation and Visualisation teaching takes place in Helsinki Hämeentie 161

Contact information

Senior Lecturer Jaro Lehtonen
E-mail addresses:

Digital Media

Digital media studies approach the design and production of interactive online services from a variety of perspectives. Online technologies, information architecture, social media concepts and services and interactive functions are key elements of the training.

Upon graduation, the students can find employment in various digital environment expert positions relating, among other things, to online service design, production or project management. The actual work may have to do with the technical solutions of online services, development of social media services, planning of interactive functions or digital media concept and structural planning, for example in a design or communication agency, in companies’ communications departments, in IT companies or the advertising business.

The language of instruction in the Media degree programme is Finnish, but some courses will be taught in English in the spring term for the benefit of exchange students.

The teaching takes place in Helsinki Hämeentie 135 or Hämeentie 161.

Contact information

Senior Lecturer Mari Silver
tel. +358 (0)40 334 6962

E-mail addresses:

Graphic Design

Graphic Design students learn about the design of both printed and electronic media. The training consists of theory in visual expression and thinking, information about production processes in the graphic industry, the software used in making them, practical work in arts subjects and applied professional subjects, and basic information about commercial operations.

Bachelors of Graphic Design typically work with publishing graphics and graphic modelling and are in charge of graphic design, illustration and make-up for newspapers and magazines, book publishers and design and advertising agencies. Graphic designers working in the field of information graphics design traffic signs, other signs, exhibitions, visual systems and user interfaces. In the cultural sector, graphic designers are employed by various cultural institutions such as museums, public bodies and government administration.

Marketing graphic designers, on the other hand, participate in the design of corporate graphics and advertising, involving logos, brochures, posters, labels and packages, and the design and organising of campaigns and TV advertisements. More and more graphic designers work with new media, participating in the design and implementation of electronic communication and interactive media.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design can be obtained either through full-time study in the daytime or as continuing education evening studies.

The teaching takes place in Helsinki Hämeentie 135.

Contact information

Senior Lecturer Katri Myllylä
E-mail addresses:

Tuition in Finnish

Tuition in this degree programme is only in Finnish.

We have also six Bachelor's degree programmes and six Master's degree programmes conducted in English. Check the programmes and application instructions

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