Social Services, Master’s Degree

The Master’s degree programme in Social Services trains special experts for the social services sector.

The Polytechnic Master’s degree in Social Services was made standard in the Finnish higher education system in 2005, and it gives the same qualification for a public office as a Master’s degree completed in a university or other scientific higher education institution.

Graduates who have completed the degree possess an extensive and deep understanding of social services’ mission in society, and the capabilities to meet the tough development challenges of the field.

Those who have graduated as Masters of Social Services from Metropolia have extensively and profoundly studied issues concerning the promotion of the well-being of children, young people and families, as well as the development and management of the social services sector.

The degree is undertaken in a genuine learning environment. The key objective of the degree is to meet existing needs in the enhancement of working life and in regional development, and to tackle challenges concerning anticipating the future.

The degree comprises 90 credit points and can be completed alongside work in about two years.

Contact information

Mona Laine
Head of Degree Programme