Business Informatics, Master of Engineering

Basic Information

Degree title
Master of Engineering
Duration / Date(s)
1,5 years
Next application period: 3 Jan – 17 Jan 2024
Price / Tuition fee
Free of charge: Applicants from EU/EEA, Annual tuition fee: 11 000 € for non-EU/EEA applicants

Dear Applicants, If case you applied via “Joint Application” on 4-18 January 2023, all eligible applicants will get an invitation letter to the Entrance exam latest 1 week prior to the exam. The exam date is 30 March, so please have patience, the letter will reach you!

In case you applied via “Separate Application” for participants with international education background, all eligible applicants will also get their invitations in March. But the dates for this exam are flexible and will be indicated in your letter. Just please have patience to wait!

Good luck in the Exam!

Become an Expert in Digital Business Transformation

Business Informatics is a Master’s degree programme for business and engineering professionals who want to deepen their strategic and managerial skills via better use of business information systems.

The Programme equips participants to address the challenges of digitalization and digital transformation in business and work life. The student will become an analyzer and a competent user of business information for decision-making, business operations, and business development. Importantly, the engineering student will also get familiar with key business concepts, business modelling, will learn how to collect, interpret and analyze data, and will craft answers to business critical questions.

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Graduate in 1,5 year

Master's degree programme in Business Informatics is organized to combine Master’s studies with a full-time job. To become a Master in Engineering, it will take you 1,5 years. Contact sessions are arranged every 2nd Friday (from 9.00 to 16.00) and occasionally on other evenings.

Take Advantage of Close Ties with Work Life

Master's Degree Programme in Business Informatics will help to deepen your business skills in close ties with your work life. Your studies currently include:

  • Advanced professional studies, 25 ECTS including:
    • Business Strategy and Management, 15 ECTS (3 courses)
    • Business Analysis and Development, 10 ECTS (2 courses from a set of choices)
  • Elective studies, 5 ECTS (1 course)
  • Master’s Thesis, 30 ECTS.

Thus, the Programme has a strong emphasis on improving general management skills for managers of technology-driven companies for the Digital age. Read the curriculum and course description from study guide.

Enjoy a Multi-Disciplinary Approach (via either face-to-face or online studies, you choose)

Our Programme has 2 concurrent study groups: online and face-to-face, and you can choose your mode of studies. Our students enjoy a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, tied-to-business environment and sharing expertise by the participants who are full-time working professionals. Classes take various forms. The courses are implemented via both online and contact teaching, class discussions, team work, self-study, business simulations, workshops, and seminars. Students are instructed by staff and experts with business and academic experience.

In the Programme, engineering and business professionals study together, in one cross-disciplinary group. We take students with engineering and technology previous education to the Engineering stream; and business and similar previous education to the Business stream. Both streams study together, just make sure you apply correctly. If you have a Business background, see the Master of Business Administration content for you.

Gain a New Expertise via a Master’s Project

You will plan and implement a Master’s thesis (an R&D project for a real company), typically your own place of work. A Master’s Thesis will combine your innovative development work with academic research (30 ECTS).

Research focus for Master's theses (final projects) in this Programme typically concentrate on: digital transformation, business transformation; use of data analytics and business information systems for business purposes; doing and modelling businesses for the digital age; digitization and improvement of operations and internal organizational processes; digitization and improvement of customer experience, services and product designs, and channels; use of business intelligence and marketing research, and other related topics.

For completing a Master’s thesis, the students get support and guidance form the school in the form of:

  • a practical, easy-to-follow 7-GATE approach to doing a Master’s thesis
  • starting from first weeks in the Programme, working in a guided Master’s thesis process
  • individual support from instructors; instruction on the R&D methods and problem-solving skills for excelling in your project
  • participants’ own education, motivation and hard work make the necessary element of success.


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Students' Stories

Javier Salcedo ja Kristina Uluturhan

See how Javier and Kristina tell about their experiences in Business Informatics programme.

Kimmo Kalaja, Head of Project Sales and Management, ABB Oy

Kimmo Kalaja

I strongly believe in the benefits of lifelong learning: one should develop their skills and knowledge throughout the career. This obviously applies also to me as a longtime sales management professional. I also have duties in managing sales tools and processes, such as

I already had a bachelor level degree in both engineering and business. A good combination for my work but I wanted to find some further study opportunities. Business Informatics seemed to be a perfect fit for my work roles – business and informatics - at ABB Oy. With full support from my employer all the way, I was able to complete my studies in 1,5 years while working fulltime.

Writing the thesis was a major part of the studies. This might be a concern when considering if you should study besides your job: will I have the energy to write something like this? I was lucky to have a topic that supported my work and was also of personal interest. Also, the program supported writing the thesis perfectly: a research methods & skills course directed us so that we were already halfway through when the course was completed.

I am writing this testimonial two months after graduation. How do I feel about the program now? I am happy that I was able to complete it within the target schedule. A little bit proud, too. Mission accomplished. The content of the courses proved to be useful in my work already during my studies. That was exactly what I was looking for: learning new knowledge and skills, not just get the degree. But maybe first and foremost, I remember the good times we had. Every lecturer supported us with what we needed, and clearly wanted us to have good takeaways for later in life. And that’s exactly what we got. Highly recommended.

Dovile Laine, Head of Delivery Management, Tietoevry Create

Dovile LaineAfter completing my Computer Science studies, I found the Master´s Programme in Business Informatics a suitable choice for my further studies. The program expanded my understanding of Digital Transformation and helped me dig deeper into business and leadership subjects. All courses were extremely beneficial, and I especially appreciated the Digital transformation and Leadership courses.

The thesis work has been extremely rewarding, and I got superior support from my thesis supervisor. I am very happy with the choice of studies. I would recommend the Master´s Programme in Business Informatics for working professionals to renew their knowledge and expand their understanding of various subjects. The Programme requires motivation, commitment, and discipline, still it is very flexible and doable for working professionals.

Sami Virtala, Advisor, Sofigate Services Oy

Sami VirtalaSince I finished my Bachelor´s degree in engineering, I knew that I want to further educate myself and gain a Master's degree. Master's programme in Business Informatics was exactly what I was looking for. Business strategy and development combined with business analysis and business development are the things that I'm interested in and wanted to learn more about. I was working with service management and these topics were beneficial to develop myself into more a efficient professional and strengthen these areas even more.

Studying in the Business Informatics programme gave me a lot of knowledge and a different point of view, since working in the projects with other students with different backgrounds brought many new insight into familiar areas. I also enjoyed the Master's thesis process that combined all the things I had learned before and put everything together. After I have completed the programme I can implement everything I have learned at work.

The programme requires motivation, commitment and ability to structure studies in the way that will suit you best, but it is manageable to do while working fulltime. I can highly suggest studying in the Business Informatics Master´s programme to develop yourself into the top-tier professional.

Mikael Nenonen, Regional Sales Manager, Leica Geosystems Oy

Mikael NenonenHaving an engineering background, I did not have much expectations when I applied to the Master of Engineering programme in Business Informatics. I thought, it might give me some additional knowledge. But I was surprised how well the studies suited me. That is why I also decided to apply after my first year of engineering studies for a transfer from the Master of Engineering to the Master of Business Administration degree with a wider business content, and it was definitely worth it!

The salt of the studies were my fellow students, who added to lectures by sharing their experience and knowledge from different industries. The studies were challenging, but teachers and fellow students really helped to work through the curriculum. Learning was enabled by engaging in quality courses, visiting lecturers, team work and other tasks, which were all related to work life and reality.

I can recommend these studies for everyone who is interested in business development for future!

Tatu Tarvainen, Senior Analyst, M-Brain Insight Oy

Quite a few years after completing my Bachelor’s degree in engineering I became interested in developing my analytical and professional skills. I found a couple of promising options in which I also could upgrade my degree in addition to developing my skills. I decided to apply for this program as the combination of available courses seemed very beneficial to me. The books that I studied for the entrance exam were interesting and I already benefitted a lot by just reading them through and learning their content.

After passing the exam, I began this demanding but extremely useful path to the Master’s degree. The courses available for this program are extremely interesting and well-planned. My favorite course content include strategy, elements of AI and analytics. I learned much more about the theory and myself during the courses and thesis writing than I expected. It was a very demanding journey that has already benefited me a lot as a professional and person. As a perk, during these studies I met a lot of fun, fellow students and Metropolia staff members with whom I plan to stay in touch.

I highly recommended this program to anybody regardless of the background!

Usman Khanzada, Client Integration, Manager, in4mo Solera

Usman KhanzadaMetropolia opened a world of opportunities for me. It has empowered me to thoroughly unwind myself by growing interpersonal relationships and learning to evaluate the balance between my professional and personal life. I was exposed to wider issues in business education and was taught to critically analyze and examine business integration procedures and service design practices through multiple disciplines.

Graduating from this programme has helped to expand my career prospects and helped me to embrace my new career in In4mo Solera as a Client Integration Manager. It has also reinvigorated my style of thinking in the business world. I've learned how to prioritize my profession to meet firm deadlines. I further appreciated that teamwork and efficient communication are significant in ensuring that the clients are content with our business solutions. The degree programme enabled me to accumulate skills such as versatility and flexibility in handling unanticipated changes in project management.

A well-crafted curriculum, a multi-disciplinary approach, eminent faculties, mentorship, guest lecturers, and hybrid class schedule is what Business Informatics has to offer.

Graduation speeches

Ilkka Kautto 2020

Graduation speech by Ilkka Kautto, Master of Business Administration in Business Informatics at the joint Graduation Ceremony of Metropolia on June 18, 2020.

Jonas Kronlund 2019

Graduation speech by Jonas Kronlund, Master of Business Administration in Business Informatics, at the Graduation Ceremony of Metropolia Business School on 18 June 2019.