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Are you looking for international talents for your organisation? 

Searching for a skilled professional who would in addition have experience in a certain foreign market? Or for an opportunity to reach out to international degree students and boost your employer brand among those developing professionals? Or are you just looking for the best possible match for your business?

Collaborate with Metropolia to get access to a wide pool of international talents

  • around 1100 international degree students, studying in one of the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs taught in English 
  • around 1500 other international experts with a higher education background and in many cases, years of work experience, connected to you by SIMHE-Metropolia services.

International talents can bring added value to your organisation: not just their unique skill set and networks, but diversity also increases innovation and customer insight, among other things.

We can be your partners in boosting your growth with international talents.

Post open positions to international students in JobTeaser

Reach out to Metropolia’s international degree students* through our career portal powered by JobTeaser!

How can your company benefit from the service?

  • Post job, work placement and thesis offers to students
  • Build your employer brand by showcasing a company profile
  • Promote your events and networking opportunities to students
  • Explore the international talent profiles in Metropolia's Talent Bank

Post offers or create a company profile free of charge!

You have two possibilities to reach out to Metropolia's international students:

  1. Just want to post a job, work placement, thesis or project offer to Metropolia?  Once validated by Metropolia, you can track live the progress: how many views it has had, how many students have applied etc. You can also archive it when necessary, or modify it.

    Create a recruiter account and post your offer to Metropolia’s portal now!
  2. Want to have a company profile in addition to posting jobs? Create a company account! In addition to posting offers, you can present your business in more detail. You can also discover students’ talent profiles.

    Create an employer account to showcase your profile and post offers to Metropolia’s portal now!

Choose the type of account you wish to use and find the talent you are looking for!

JobTeaser has been taken into use in several institutions in the Helsinki region and nationwide during the autumn 2020. Metropolia's JobTeaser links give you access to Metropolia's students.

JobTeaser offers the possibility to get national or Europe-wide visibility among all the higher education institutions using JobTeaser. Explore your opportunities on the JobTeaser website.

*) Degree programmes in Nursing and Social services and the degree programmes taught in Finnish are not in the portal for now. The portal is piloted among English speaking degree programmes in Metropolia.

Other opportunities for employer collaboration

You can develop your business and collaborate with Metropolia for instance through the following options:

Are you new with collaboration with higher education institutions? Below you can find more tips and details on how to get started.

Finland needs skilled workforce. At the same time we have lots of motivated international talents looking for a job. Collaboration is needed to build mutually beneficial networks.

Tips on Boosting Your Collaboration with International Talents

Building your employer brand among international professionals living in Finland gives you access to a new pool of motivated talents. Below you can find tips on how you can start building your connection to international talents in Finland.

Contact us and let's start identifying the most suitable way for you!

Tips on Finding Talents for Short-term or Long-term Jobs

  • Advertise your open positions in English to the institutions and find the skilled graduates! Every year about 4000 students graduate from Finnish institutions. Half are motivated to stay and work in Finland. Post your job to Metropolia’s career portal JobTeaser.
  • Need new part-time employees or motivated staff for summer jobs? International students constantly look for opportunities to work alongside their studies. Post your opportunities to Metropolia’s career portal JobTeaser.
  • Provide a work placement opportunity. All bachelor students in universities of applied sciences do a work placement as part of their studies, and international students are motivated to build their networks and competences here in Finland. This is your chance to seek new talent for a shorter period. Advertise your placement opportunity, or if you are experienced with trainees, why not set up a regular placement program and make your organisation easier to find? Post your opportunities to Metropolia’s career portal JobTeaser.
  • Looking for international talents who already have a degree? SIMHE services in different institutions around Finland provide guidance for international talents who have a higher education background. Contact SIMHE-Metropolia and check also the Jobs in Finland portal. Don't forget that master's students in UAS have a bachelor's degree and two years of work experience as well - Metropolia's career portal JobTeaser helps you reach out to them.
  • Attend matching and recruitment events to spot out the talents you are looking for. See the upcoming events on this page!

Tips on Networking for Innovation

  • Do you have a research or development need that you wish to work on? Provide a topic for a bachelor or master thesis project. An international student can bring valuable insights to your organisation, guided by a professional from the institution, and explore the topic together with you as part of their studies. Post your thesis assignment to Metropolia’s career portal JobTeaser.
  • Launch a project challenge to co-create new ideas in a short period of time. Project assignments are an excellent and easy way to start the collaboration. In Metropolia all bachelor degrees include an innovation project and also other project studies. Share your project idea and get innovative input from student teams. Read about previous experiences in a blog text. If you wish to work with a specific degree programme, reach out to the most suitable programme.
  • Share tips on professional networks to international talents. Networks are the key to finding a job in Finland and keeping up with recent developments in the field. This can open an invaluable path for someone! Post your tips in social media today and tag #finlandworks.
  • Have you considered more extensive RDI collaboration projects with a higher education institution? Metropolia involves students in RDI projects wherever suitable. This way you will get not only fresh ideas but also new networks and fruitful partnerships for the future. Check Metropolia’s key focus areas in RDI - could we be your match in interests? See experiences in a blog text. 
  • Remember to pay attention also to your staff training needs. Institutions and other operators in the Talent Boost network give workshops on e.g. diverse workforce and employing international talent. Follow #talentboost and you’ll note how many opportunities are out there!

Tips on Building Employer Brand among International Talents

  • Invite international student groups for a (virtual) visit to your organisation. You can present your skills needs and career paths, but this is an opportunity to also share your industry knowledge and take part in developing future professionals’ competences! Such visits have been hugely popular among Metropolia’s international talents.
  • Launch a workshop on guiding even just 10 international talents on job search. Processes can be very different in each country, so insights from local recruiters are invaluable and also develop the quality of applications to you! Talks with HR specialists have received excellent feedback from students. You can join one of Metropolia's career skills workshops, launch your workshop in social media, or use an institution’s channels to publish a targeted event, see for example Metropolia’s career portal Jobteaser.
  • If you are regularly recruiting international trainees or thesis workers, why not set up a program for international students? This will develop your visibility and impact and make the application process easier to manage. Just share the link to your program and you will get lots of visibility, while developing your international talent employer brand at the same time! Do you already have such a program? Post it in Metropolia's career portal JobTeaser.
  • Organise a career speed dating event in English when you’re recruiting for several open positions. This is a quick way to meet a lot of motivated applicants, while improving your employer image as well. Set up the time, date and tool and let your local institution know about the opportunity, for example see Metropolia’s career portal Jobteaser.
  • Share actively your experiences of working with international talents and higher education institutions. Co-write a blog, produce a video or share a comment in social media. Investing in diverse workforce is a must in today’s Finnish society. Lead by example, join the #talentboost dialogue and encourage your colleagues in the industry!

Tips on Co-creating Expertise with International Talents

  • Try mentoring! Insights from a professional who works in the local industry are invaluable for an international talent. Check if your own alma mater institution has a mentor program that you could join or find other mentoring programs available. You can volunteer as a mentor yourself or promote the opportunity to your staff - mentoring will develop important skills for mentors as well. See tips on available programs.
  • Share your own professional insights in a brief informal discussion for a small group of future talents. Focus on talking about e.g. your own career path and the right skills and networks for the future in Finland. Contact us or post it in social media tagging #finlandworks.
  • Share the mutually beneficial professional events. Higher education institutions organise regularly seminars and workshops, and these are opportunities to learn new, network with staff and students and find common areas of interest. Remember to invite also them to any relevant events and seminars that you are organising! Contact us if you have something coming up soon.
  • Suggest an expert lecture on the focus area of your organisation and your field of expertise. This will add to the international students’ industry knowledge and enable a positive encounter with local employer organisations. Contact us and we will help you get connected.
  • Be an international ambassador in your own networks! Open a conversation in your team meetings, share a story in social media and encourage your colleagues in the industry to think about collaboration with international talents in higher education institutions. 

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Questions regarding our pool of international talents? 

Contact us, and you will be connected with the relevant persons and services!

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