Business Development, Master of Business Administration

The Master's Degree Programme in Business Development offered by the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences consists of practically oriented post-graduate studies.

This Master's Degree Programme expands and deepens the business competences needed in demanding expert, development and/or managerial positions. Upon graduation, the student shows evidence of being capable of analyzing business environment and his/her own business sector, as well as one's ability to plan and implement demanding change project in business life or other organisations, with sufficient research approach. He/she is able to act as a change agent and in superior positions, or as an entrepreneur.

The students selected to study for a Master's degree should have a good ability to complete the education in two years. The entrance requirements consist of an applicable Bachelor's degree from a university of applied sciences, or an equivalent higher education degree, three years of valid professional work experience in the field of study and a passed entrance examination or evaluation depending on the selected programme. The entrance evaluation of the Business Development Master's programme is made on the basis of a preliminary job-related development plan prepared by the candidate.

The Master's Degree Programme in Business Development consists of

  • Advanced professional studies, 30 ECTS
    • Development Competence, 15 ECTS
    • Innovative Leadership, 15 ECTS
  • Strengthening Management Competence, 20 ECTS from a set of choices
  • Elective studies 10 ECTS
  • Master’s Thesis 30 ECTS

Methodological studies provide students with the basis for carrying out applied research projects, and advanced professional studies provide the necessary knowledge and skills to follow the professional development of the field, both from research and practical viewpoints.

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Erja Turunen
Principal Lecturer, Master's Team Supervisor
Tel. +358 40 737 8566
erja.turunen metropolia fi

Laura Mattila
Coordinator of Master's Degree Programmes in Business
Tel. +358 40 652 6896
laura.mattila metropolia fi

Tuition in Finnish

Tuition in this degree programme is only in Finnish.

We have also six Bachelor's degree programmes and five Master's degree programmes conducted in English. Check the programmes and application instructions


Chance agents

Metropolia has a wide network of company contacts, the utilization of which support the development of the students to business professionals who have a proactive approach in his or her organization.